Innovation for a better future

Who are we

Nordic Assets is a Norwegian holding company within the circular economy, with the vision to create a better future through innovation. The group was created in 2021, with the vision to develop and invest in new technologies and creation of new business models, to better enable the transition into a circular economy.

What are we doing

Nordic Assets is actively searching for, and pursuing investment opportunities in new markets and products suitable for re-use.

What are we trying to do and with who

The group seeks alliances with stakeholders that themselves pursue similar agendas, appreciating the purpose and actively choosing to partake in the transition. Are you one? Get in touch.

Miljø Norge

Reuse before consumption

Its first project and in the subsidiary of Miljø Norge, is the undertaking of shifting the industry of fire extinguishers from linear to circular.

The daughter has developed, and invested, in new means of production to enable market wide servicing for the re-use of handheld fire extinguishers.

  • Extend the life of the extinguisher by reusing it
  • Can handle all 6, 9 and 12 kg/L extinguishers regardless of manufacturer or brand
  • Reduced climate footprint by 38 kg CO2 per extinguisher
  • Capacity of more than 500,000 units per year
  • In-house developed automated production line


Andreas has a proven track record in several areas of management, ranging from Project & Portfolio Management to C-suite roles both as Executive and Financial Officer. Andreas professional experiences are mainly within the B2B sector and therein professional services, the construction industry, and manufacturing companies. Andreas has been with us since the inception where he at first was interim-CFO and later transitioned into a Business Bevelopment role for our new markets.

Andreas represents our parent organization, Nordic Assets AS.


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